How to Fix Headphone Jack | A Simple Guide To help You

How to Fix Headphone Jack

What do you do when your headphone jack doesn’t work? This is a common problem. It’s often not even necessary to buy a new device! 

But the question is How to fix headphone jack of your headphone?  

Fixing a headphone jack on devices like laptops is actually quite simple. As long as you follow the steps in this article, your headphones will be working again in no time flat!

What causes Headphone Jack Not Working:

The reasons why could vary widely: Some users report that their headphone jack suddenly stopped working after they spilled water or some other liquid on their laptop. In other cases, the headphone port works fine until you connect a pair of headphones and attempt to play music through them. Sometimes it just isn’t recognized by the computer at all; other times it still works but the audio quality is poor. There are many potential causes for a headphone jack to suddenly stop working, but don’t worry- we’ll show you how to fix it!

how to fix broken headphone jack

How to Fix Headphone Jack

1. Check your headphones.
This may seem like an obvious solution, but it’s worth checking to make sure that your headphones themselves aren’t the problem. Try another pair of headphones on the same device and see if the problem persists. If it doesn’t, then you know that the issue is with your headphone jack and not your headphones.

2. Reboot your device.
This simple step often fixes various types of tech issues- including problems with the jack. Shut down your computer or mobile device and then turn it back on. If you’re unsure how to reboot your device, consult the documentation that came with the hardware or search the manufacturer’s website for troubleshooting information.

how to fix broken headphone jack

How to fix headphone jack on android

1. Plug headphones in a different port.
Many laptops have multiple ports which you can use for plugging in a pair of headphones or an auxiliary cable from another device such as a smartphone or music player. Try using a different port to see if this resolves the issue. It is especially effective if you are experiencing issues when plugging into only one headphone jack but not both, since few devices allow simultaneous output to multiple ports at once (especially common with Apple products).

2. Tweak your audio settings.
Sometimes the problem isn’t with the headphone jack itself but with the audio settings on your device. Check the settings and see if there is an option to change the input or output for headphones. If there is, try changing it to see if that resolves the issue.

3. Disable/enable your audio devices.
Another quick fix that can work in some cases is disabling and then re-enabling your audio devices. This can be done in the Control Panel on a PC or in the Settings menu on a Mac.

4. Update your drivers.
If none of the previous solutions have worked, it’s possible that there is a driver issue causing the headphone jack not to work. Try updating your drivers- this can be done from the manufacturer’s website or from the Device Manager on Windows computers.

How to fix headphone jack

How to fix headphone jack on phone

Using a heat gun and a suction cup, gently remove the phone’s case. Some newer phones and iPhones are not repairable. A cracked back case might wind up costing you both your health and your pocketbook!
Soldering is often used for the headphone socket. Other components, such as the wireless charging pad, charging port, or even the battery, may need to be removed occasionally. Check for damage to the jack. issues that are often encountered include:

  • Supporting fame has been harmed.
  • Connectors that are either broken or loose
  • Misalignment
  • The jack has sustained irreparable damage.
  • Fix what has to be fixed. You may use some hot glue to repair any damaged connections. You will probably need a soldering iron to replace the headphone connector entirely.
  • Put your phone back together.

How to fix a loose headphone jack

Lint from your pocket is the most frequent sort of trash found in headphone ports. Tweezers with thin tips work well for this. To avoid damaging the jack more from the inside, take care not to harm it.

How to fix a loose headphone jack​

Fix headphone jack with aluminum foil

Fix headphone jack with aluminum foil​

To ensure that the headphone’s pin is secure, you may wrap a piece of paper over the pin. However, this may result in the pin’s contacts being covered. Because of this, it is a good idea to cover the pin’s base with paper or foil merely. As you add layers, ensure the pin is tightly sealed in the jack.

This is how to fix headphone jack. If you face any further problem then you have buy new pair. How to fix headphone jack without soldering will be discussed next.

How to fix headphone jack on pc

Frequently Asked Question:

There are many potential reasons why a headphone jack might not be working, but some of the most common causes are liquid damage, debris in the port, driver issues, and outdated drivers.

Always try out the simple tips and tricks first that we mentioned in the article and then you can follow some additional, more complicated methods. If they do not work for you either it might be time to get your device checked by a professional or contact customer support of your laptop/device manufacturer.

Make sure that no liquid got onto your device (if any of the previous solutions did not help) and see if there’s maybe another port where you can plug them in. Also check on different devices if this issue occurs with all of them (which would indicate probably hardware issues like the headphone jack). If it is just your laptop with the issue, then you should contact customer service. In some cases, the headphone jack might just be broken and not working – in this case a professional is needed to help.

We hope one of these tips solves your problem and gets your headphones working again! If not, then it might be time to consult the manufacturer’s warranty or contact customer service for more help. If you are using Sony Bluetooth headphone and cant able to pair! Please read our this blog post. 

As always, thanks for reading! And don’t forget to share this article with your friends if they’re having similar issues

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